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About P.N.G Jewellers is launched by which company? is launched by PNG jewellers, a Dajikaka enterprise. This jewellery company is a trusted enterprise since 1832 and are very famous jewellers all over Maharashtra.

What make PNG jewellerd different?

PNG Jewellers is one of the most reputed Jewellery brands in India with 188 years of excellence in creativity, jewellery design and value for money propositions across their stores. Over the years, PNG Jewellers has been incredibly successful in making online shopping much more convenient and delightful with a comprehensive product range of classic and contemporary jewellery collections across the globe. With a user-friendly shopping experience, we aim to fulfill the wishes of our customers with the best services and help them discover beauty through our iconic jewellery pieces.

Where is PNG jewellers located?

Today PNG Jewellers is renowned for its purity, surety, and customer satisfaction empowering 1000+ employees over 35 branches standing still across the globe.

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